Overall, I had such a fun time in this class. The projects were awesome and the field trips were so much fun. I loved the hands on learning we got to do. Professor D you’re an amazing teacher/ mentor. I was really excited whenever I got to receive critiques on my work from you. I appreciated how serious you were but also fun when it was appropriate. If you started out as this fun teacher that didn’t really pay much attention to us I don’t think I would’ve taken this class seriously. Thank you for the awesome semester professor. I appreciate everything you did for us!

PROS: always willing to help us, helpful critiques on our work, tried to make things fun/ interesting for us, took us off campus for hands on practice.

CONS: slow down when you’re guiding the class through a program, maybe add another backdrop during studio lighting session.

Thanks for the amazing semester!


Contemporary Artists

Christopher Anderson – Christopher Anderson’s work varies from high editorial work to journalist photography. I really enjoy his work because it’s simple. His image on the Huffingtonpost.com site is so clean. I really love looking at it. In the image you can see a woman from her abdomen down and the view out of the window. The lighting is natural and works with the image perfectly. The colors are very neutral and a little saturated in this image. This picture fits in with the rest of his work so well. I guess you can call Anderson a contemporary artist because of his way of shooting. His images almost look like they weren’t purposely set up that way. They look like he just walked in and took a picture. His images are very natural.

Katharine Cooper – Katharine Cooper’s work is more in the journalistic range. Her series “White Africans” is beautiful. She really captured the people so beautifully. I think she made a great choice keeping the series in black and white. I think this make you focus more on the subject rather than the colors or editing techniques. With her images she hides nothing. Her subjects are completely exposed. You can tell it was just her and her camera. There was no staging or fancy outfits. I feel like all of her work is like that also. The images in the “Zimbabwe/ Mozambique” series look similar to the “White Africans” series. They are also in black and white. However, these do look a little posed but they can definitely pass for natural captures.

Cristina De Middel – At first, I wasn’t really a fan of Cristina De Middel’s work. His work is a little different than I’m used to. After looking at his Spain project I can see why he’s labeled a contemporary artist. Some of his images look like they were manipulated in photoshop. I’m not sure if they were or not, but they are definitely different. This particular project looks like a more journalist take. For some reason, I just don’t like his work. I’m not sure if his subjects or just the way he shoots them. His work seems very saturated and almost like he shoots in film.

Photobooth Project.

Sunday October 26th Esteban, Melissa, and I decided to head out to Balboa Park and set up our lovely photo booth. Our frame made out of pvc pipes didn’t exactly work out so we decided to set up our white back drop on a tree. After searching for the perfect tree we finally found it near the big fountain next to the Ruben H. Space Fleet Center. Words cannot describe the anxiety I felt in the beginning. I’m not used to just walking up to people and asking them if they want free photos, or anything really. I was just thinking everyone thought the three of us were just a bunch of weirdo kids taking pictures. After a bit Esteban and Melissa really started getting the hang of it and started to reel in some people. Honestly, I asked one group of girls, got rejected, and fell back into my little shell. However, when the people were finally there and letting us take their picture I didn’t mind asking them to make a silly face or two. Overall, it wasn’t the end of the world. I wish I was more outgoing, but now that I know this concept is totally do-able I think I might try it again, by myself.

Ansel Adams Video 10/22/14

Ansel Adams was an amazing photographer. It was interesting to learn that he had so many problems growing up. I never would have thought that he was such a troubled little boy. He had such a passion for landscape photography and you can see it through his photographs. Even though he struggled as a child he didn’t let that affect him and his work as he got older. I was really surprised to know that he was never there for the births of children. I was almost disappointed to learn that he put his family after his work. I love photography too, but I don’t think I would ever put it before my family.